M!A List Lion King: Anon decides if you kill a member of your family or a close friend.
101 Dalmatians: You are kidnapped by another person and held captive. Anon chooses who kidnaps you and how long you’re kept captive.
Lady And The Tramp: The next person in your ask box you must take on a romantic dinner, your heart filled with thoughts of them alone. Lasts for 24 hours
Peter Pan: You are turned into Tinkerbell. Anon decides how long for.
Finding Nemo: Unless someone stays with you constantly, you forget that they exist. Also, you have a strange fear of pelicans. Lasts 4 hours.
Tangled: For the next 4 hours your hair glows when you sing.
Hercules: For the next 12 hours you are incredibly strong, but you are also plagued by an assortment of monsters.
Mulan: You are now a cross dressing soldier. Lasts 5 hours.
Pocahontas: You can now understand animals, trees, and the wind. Only you can hear them though. Up to anon how long it lasts.
Sleeping Beauty: You are in a deep sleep. If someone does not defeat a dragon and kiss your sleeping form within three hours then you die.
Dumbo: You think that you can fly and continue to try to prove this fact. You can not actually fly... Lasts 5 hours
Bambi: You believe your entire family to be dead and are in charge of protecting a large group of people. Lasts 6 hours.
Brave: a spell has been placed on you. You are stuck in the form of an animal (Anon's decision) until someone kisses you.
Toy Story: Your toys can talk to you for the next 2 hours. Everyone thinks that you're insane.
Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron: You are now a horse. Enjoy. Lasts 12 hours.
Swan Princess: You are now a swan. Someone must kiss you to change you back.
Alice in Wonderland: You wander around painting every white thing you see red. Lasts 8 hours.
Snow White: You can't stop cleaning and singing. You have an abnormal fear of apples. Lasts 6 hours
Cinderella: You act and look like a princess/prince until the clock strikes midnight.
Fox and the Hound: Your best friend is trying to kill you. The only way to stop them is to kill them first
Anastasia: You have no memory of your past. Every time you sleep a strange force tries to kill you. Lasts a day
Paranorman: You see ghosts and they're out to kill you. Lasts for half a day
Rise of the Guardians: No one can see you. Everyone you have ever loved died long ago, yet you have no memory of them.
Wreck-It-Ralph: You destroy everything you touch, and everyone around you either hates you or is terrified of you. Lasts 6 hours.
Bolt: You just found out that your entire life has been a lie. Your friends have replaced you with another. Lasts for a day.
Narnia: The animals are talking to you and you can't get warm. Anon decides how long for.
Oliver and Company: You crave love from others. The next person in your ask box takes you in and cares for you. Lasts 24 hours
Pirates of the Caribbean: You try to steal from everyone that walks by. You're a terrible pick pocket though, so don't get caught. Lasts for 5 hours.

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