finalforsworn asked: "I have three months to live...." Morzan murmured, unsure of how to break the news but knowing that ultimately he had to. "the king... he poisoned me after i refused to break off our relationship..."


Her fork stopped halfway to her mouth, a little bit of anger rising as Elena glared at her lover.

"Morzan, that’s not funny…don’t joke about those kind of things!"

But the longer she looked at him, the more she saw the truth. The new sag in his strong shoulders, the bloodshot rims around his eyes…and the tight line of his lips as he fought to hold back emotion.

"…oh gods, you’re not joking…"

Food abandoned, Elena reached to cup his cheeks in her hands, tears prickling at her eyes. That age old hate welled in her breast; the king would not take something so precious from her again!

"He can’t do this, he has no right! No right to kill someone just for loving another! I’ll talk to him, convince him, I’ll get you a cure…I promise. You won’t die as long as I’m still here…."

"Theres no point El… He wont listen. We either break it off or i die…" Morzan raised his hand to grasp Elena’s and pry them away from his slightly clammy skin. 

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Important Notice

Okay so just a heads up to the people i Rp with that im not going to be rping for a while

I am not going on hiatus or anything but this is just so i dont get distracted from sorting out old posts, verses, new info and blah blah blah etc etc.

Hopefully this wont take too long to do so i’ll be back to rping again prety soon (fingers crossed xD)  

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inkwelliann asked: ☎️



3. Striped panties (not theirs)

Morzan tried to keep the underwear scrunched up in his hand out of sight but obviously such efforts failed since Elena still saw them. A faint blush coloured his cheeks as he un-scrunched the thin, lacy thong.

"These are not mine…….." He muttered lamely. 

Elena crossed her arms and glared at her boyfriend, a similar blush creeping over her own cheeks.

"I know they’re not yours!" she snapped. "They’re mine…I got them for you for your birthday…they were in a wrapped box! How the hell did you get them?!"

Morzan blinked and looked down sheepishly at the shreds of wrapping paper on the floor and the wagging tail that stuck out from under the bed. “Jenna must’ve gotten hold of it and ripped it open… i just found ‘em on the floor” 

inkwelliann asked: ☎️

3. Striped panties (not theirs)

Morzan tried to keep the underwear scrunched up in his hand out of sight but obviously such efforts failed since Elena still saw them. A faint blush coloured his cheeks as he un-scrunched the thin, lacy thong.

"These are not mine…….." He muttered lamely. 

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Ella grumbled slightly, her weakness was exposed. She struggled beneath him, and sighed when she knew she wasn’t getting anywhere.

"Seriously, who are you, and what are you doing?" She could sense that he was so much stronger than her. Maybe it was an age thing..

"My name’s none of your concern and neither is what im doing out here" the answer came short and sharp, a near complete 180 degree turn from the charming smiling performance he’d put on before. Morzan pushed himself up off of the younger and brushed himself down before looking her over once more. "however i might be willing to change my mind on that if you tell me who you are and why the hell you’re out here" 

Adultery (That’s not really adultery) || Finalforsworn



Mismatched hues settled groggily on the hand that held his now before he returned his gaze back to her and shook his head with a soft sigh. Her words resounded clearly in his ears and he gave a slight smile before he sat up and grasped her hand in his. 

"I could never hate you Dany….. " 

Dany looked at him as he sat up, squeezing his hand as he grasped it, his slight smiled making her heart flutter. “I’m sorry.” She rested her forehead against their hands, locking her fingers with his. “I’m sorry I was so stupid.” She felt the tears falling against their hands. “I’m sorry I’m such an idiot.”

Morzan looked down at her and he sighed softly feeling a hot wetness drip onto his skin. gently he pulled his hands free of her grasp and placed them on her cheeks before lifting her face to look her in the eye and wipe his thumbs under those beautiful hues he’d come to love oh so much. 

"shhh….. let it out love…"



     As cautious as he normally was in his choice of recreational practice most would consider debauch and unconstitutional, he had been rather tactless this time around. Though he wouldn’t admit that it was the first occurrence where he slipped up if he had to make a list of all his faults. Then again, archiving every abhorrent misdeed would take far too long to dig through should he ever have to and he was never quite so patient to have to justify his actions to anyone who came inquiring.

     Damien wore a disguise of indifference as if to prove how easy it was to wash his hands clean from blood. There was no emotion left in him to harbor penance for every insolent life he took. It hadn’t even been an act of impulse or rage to have accidentally been so callous. He had simply wanted to because he grew tired of idiotic acquaintances who knew naught their place in his company.

     There had been no witnesses that he knew of to have seen the murder take place, but in having left the body where he had, it wasn’t entirely surprising that it made the news. He still didn’t care, however. In fact, he was internally celebrating as he sat by the bar with drink in hand; mentally saluting his own ego.


Anita wasnt unfamiliar with having to deal with crimes of the preternatural sense; not in the least. Her job as a qualified animator and mostly qualified vampire executioner meant that she often had to deal with sights of intense bloody brutality. The remains she’d had to take a look at that afternoon hadnt thrown up any immediate signs as to exactly what preternatural beastie had done it. it looked far too human but there was a definite aura of in-humanness about it for that to be the case. 

Now she found herself pushing open the door of a bar with only a vague description of a suspect to work off of and she looked around the bar carefully to see if anyone matched. She spotted a guy close to the bar nursing whatever beverage was in his hand at that moment and walked over to the seat beside him. 

"This seat taken?" 

She smiled as she spoke, aiming to come across as a friendly stranger. 



Anita pushed herself faster, muscles burning with the effort to keep up with her target let alone actually manage to race forth faster than them. If she did manage to actually succeed in killing this damn blood sucker tonight then she’d be sure to make sure the git she’d encountered tonight wasnt involved in any other operations she accepted. His presence had just complicated everything. 

Coming to a straight stretch where the target was almost sure to accelerate faster than herself Anita slid to a stand-still and snatched her gun from the holster, snapping the safety off and taking aim again as quickly as she could. She lined up the shot and fired the weapon 3 times in quick succession. Watching her target go down she internally hoped that the guy wasnt hanging around; a wounded vampire was a lethally dangerous one.

  Such was the moment when Kane decided to take his steps within a faster pace; long legs dragging him easily throughout the concrete surface while his gun remained by his side; elongated fingers attached to cold metal as chapped lips stood zipped around the atmosphere which evoked nothing but bold tension. To know that there was another presence other than the target itself made things labyrinthine, for the woman’s figure wasn’t a mold he was expecting to witness. 

  The assassin kept relying on his senses until he was capable to hear gunshots; a low curse escaping from his mouth as steps finally came into a secure, yet abrupt halt. Apparently, he was shattering her inner hopes, for Kane now appeared on the same scenery as her, watching how the supernatural creature fell onto the coldness of raw material. The mutant released an unpleasant grunt. “You got to be kidding me.” He mumbled, silently connecting the dots. 

  Apparently, both were after the same individual. 

Anita hadnt noticed the shadowed silhouette of the strange man she hoped not to run into again as she took slow, calculated steps towards the spot where the vampire had fallen. She’d used silver bullets which would stun the vampire for a while but wouldnt kill it; for that she’d have to stake it through the heart and decapitate the head then salt and burn the body and scatter any ashes in a river headed for the ocean.

"Bert better god-damn be thankful for this…shouldve worn the overalls.." Anita muttered sourly to herself coming to a stop just a couple of feet away from the downed, wheezing vampire. She watched it carefully for a moment and reached around her back to draw out a long knife that’d been concealed in a sheath that ran most of the length of her spine. She raised the blade and prepared to strike down through the heart.

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So drafts are done (FINALLY) so theres gonna be a mini spam incoming xD

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