OOC- final calling

Okay, so this is the final calling for name suggestions for our group of appreciators xD 

Names we have been suggested so far include: 

The Welliver alliance
The Titus Alliance
The Titus Team 
Titus and the wellivers 

If there’re no more suggestions within the next hour then we’ll decide on a name from these five options (or perhaps use a generator type thing?? idk) 

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Morzan and Formora // Recruitment


     The elven rider sensed the unknown presence long before she saw it, the touch of an unfamiliar mind causing hers to withdraw just before casting out a warning to Rheia.
'If something happens, reach out to me. Be wary,' the brown dragon advised in return, then lessened the connection between their shared thoughts considerably in fear of being overheard by the intruder, whether they be friend or foe. Formora’s expression hardened as she scanned the trees around her, turning in a full, fluid circle before lifting her chin to scan the skies. For all she knew, the additional presence she sensed could simply be a messenger who had been told of her location and sent by one of the elders to inform her that she was needed elsewhere.
A little trickle of paranoia slid icy fingers down her spine and the raven-haired woman tensed.
Then again, it could also be something worth putting herself on edge about. Rumors were slowly beginning to trickle throughout the land of Alagaësia, spreading like heated embers that threatened to turn into a blazing wildfire. It was hardly possible to tell what was true and what wasn’t, twisted and altered as they were when being passed from one person to another, village to village, city to city. To Formora, most were nothing more than fairytails, but that did little to sooth her now, when her gut was telling her that something was off.

Morzan hadnt really been in Galbatorix’s service for very long but he was proud to have converted 5 of his friends over to the elder riders cause already. The elders were a corrupt group, wanting nothing more than to limit what the dragon riders could and couldnt do; they wanted all the power and glory to themselves. 

He approached another prospective member slowly, caution playing in his footsteps before he came to a standstill just on the edge of the clearing. He’d used a spell to conceal Zar’roc at his side for the moment, wanting to appear friendly to the elf; he knew many new spells that the elders had forbidden him from learning in the past but Galbatorix had shown no fear in teaching the younger rider to harness the darker magics. 

He cleared his throat and stepped forward, holding his hands up. 

"Formora?… It is Formora yes?…” 

Calming the wolf—Kat+Ezekiel



Kat couldnt remember the last time a blood moon had caused her to pass out from exhaustion. Most times it usually just left her feeling extremely drained and terrified but as she woke up with the scent of a stranger heavy in her nostrils her mind assumed she’d blacked out over a kill and she frantically scrambled back away from the body. 

She huddled down and wrapped her arms around her legs, trembling uncontrollably as her bluey-green hues scanned the figure she’d woken up draped over. He didnt appear to be hurt and her body was devoid of any blood; both facts confused her. Had she not made a kill?…. If not then why had she passed out on top of this strange, muscled male?

Curious, and for the moment lacking her memories, Kat crept slightly closer to the stranger. She outstretched her arm to quickly poke his ankle before she scooted back a foot or two, wary of how he might react to the contact. Frowning Kat tilted her head to one side and murmured one sole question.

"Who the hell is this guy?…."

Ezekiel slowly began to come around feeling ever so exhausted not to mention in pain. Then he slowly began to open his eyes and looked seeing a young woman with nothing on. He slowly sat up and took his phone out of his jacket pocket then slowly slipped the leather jacket off of himself and tossed it over to the young woman and smiled before laying back and staring at the sky to give her a brief moment of privacy while he also received a moments more rest. 

"You know you are a lot stronger than you look. I was just glad that I stopped you from doing something you probably would have regretted." Zeke hoped he was right that she did not want to do what she had been doing. Slowly he began to sit up again and got to his feet and walked about half the distance between them holding out his hand. "My name is Ezekiel Parker and if you need help well I would like to help you with your problem."

Kat blinked as the stranger began to sit up. She raised a brow listening to him speak before she shook her head, rubbing her temple as a slight headache began to set in. 

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Adultery (That’s not really adultery) || Finalforsworn



"What i saw was you getting a good ol’ pounding by dear darry and not giving a single shit about me"

His words were sharp, full of the stinging pain he still felt recalling the memory as well as a bitter sarcasm. He swallowed another hearty swig and scowled at the vague amount left; too small to even be considered half a mouthful. Shrugging he necked the last dregs and tossed the bottle aside.

"save your petty excuses and apologies and go back to darry’s dick." 

Dany was cut short by him. His words hurting her a lot more than his usual insults would. watching nim drink more and throw it aside. “Darry’s dick? Is that what you’re calling it?” Dany walked around to face him

"You’re acting like we were something. You made that quite clear when you slept with my hand maid. How am I ment to love a man like you when all you do is push me away with petty arguments!?" She shouted back at him. "You know what. Maybe I was just fucking him to get over you since you haven’t shown me the slightest bit of affection since that Ball you took me too." Dany picked up his empty bottle, throwing it at his feet so it shattered.

"You… Are the biggest shit I have ever met."

Morzan frowned as Dany shouted back at him, glancing down at the shards of broken bottle now at his feet. He let her words sink in for a moment, heart constricting painfully at the thought that this was basically her confession that she had never felt anything other than friendship for him. He’d been a fool to think he stood a chance at gaining the mighty ‘mother of dragons’ love. 

With a small sniff of what seemed like disinterest Morzan stood, kicking aside the glass that littered his path and stood facing Dany for a moment before he turned and walked off without a word. 

If she felt nothing for him then there was no point in him staying, her dragons were coping well enough without his input and she had Darrio to warm her bed. Ser Jorah would provide her council when necessary.. 




Elena struggled to keep up with Morzan’s pace, her feet sliding and skittering and fear mounting as she was dragged deeper and deeper into the dark citadel. Even Azra curled tighter around her rider’s neck, a soft chirrup the only sound she made.

Two great…

Elena glared hard at Morzan, trying to keep in the scared and exhausted tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. All the emotions coursing through her demolished her filter, words pouring out of her mouth in a frigid hissing stream.

"No. I will NOT give in! Not to him, NEVER to that evil bastard, and especially not to his crony! I will never become one of the Forsworn, I’ve seen firsthand the damage they’ve done. Or did you perhaps forget how many lives you destroyed on dragon back?

Galbatorix’s war has brought a flood of refugees to my village, all of them with terrible stories of the cruel and proud Forsworn that burnt their homes and shattered their lives. I have tended to burns that bubbled angry on skin from dragon flame, saw whole skeletons charred to ash, seen talon marks that wept poison while the person groaned in agony. And the worst part is all the CHILDREN! One little boy was still clinging to the torn arm of his little sister and refused to let us take it even when it started to rot. Others are deformed, missing limbs, missing parents, missing homes. We’re crowed with sorrow and sickness and when we come on our KNEES to beg for help, your cruel king simply laughs in our faces and sends you to destroy us for ‘dissent’.

I ran with Azra so I would NEVER become one of you. You sicken me, to the very CORE of my being! And though you dragged me here, beat me, tied me down, I will still say NO!!!”

She screamed the last word, her face inches from Morzan’s. As quickly as it came upon her, the anger faded, replaced by sorrow as Elena lowered herself, her spine held straight and rigid.

"…do your goddamn worst, bastard. My answer is still no."

Morzan blinked at the sudden outburst of rage from a girl he’d assumed was capable of only passive anger. He could vaguely understand the reasoning behind her hatred but the fact remained that that was in the past and this was the present. The king would have her in his service, one way or another. 

He remained wordless until he reached a cell he was sure would be secure enough to hold her even without magic and untied her wrists after leading her inside. Then he replaced the length of rope with tight shackles and pocketed the key before striding back to the door and glancing over his shoulder, his gaze softened slightly. 

"Look Elena, i know you hate us and all but youre a good lass… dont make this any harder than it has to be, you dont know the horrors Galbatroix can inflict…." 

Morzan stopped then, wondering what had possessed him to speak so softly and gently to a girl who’d shown him nothing but spitefullness and hate? He knew all too well what horrors the king could concoct, fingers tracing over a small scar on his wrist. He gave one last piece of advice before he left.

"Get some rest and feed your dragon. you’ll both need your strength if you plan on fighting the king…" 

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finalforsworn asked: ✿






(This is from forever and ever ago and I’m sorry)

17. Rainy kiss

The sky spat and crackled overhead, great bursts of thunder shaking the walls of Uru’baen. Elena rushed through the dark halls, each sound and pound of rain on glass making her flinch.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of thunderstorms, just…large ones like this reminded her of the night she and Azra had nearly been swept away by a flash flood, back when they’d been hiding from the Forsworn. Her dragon always seemed to be alright with them, but she still wanted to check.

Elena shoved open the heavy doors to the dragon’s keep, instantly soaked by the pelting cold rain. Taking a quick breath, she ran to the stable like structure where Azra and all the other dragons stayed. In her haste to escape the downpour, she flung open the gate, too fast to see someone in the darkness before her.

They collided with muffled oofs and grunts, soaked bodies falling instantly to the stable floor. But momentum didn’t stop there; Elena felt her lips brush the other person’s lingering there for a second with shock.

A flash of lightning revealed who she’d kissed and the revelation had her scrambling up with red cheeks.

Morzan…she’d just kissed Morzan!

"Wh-what are you doing here?!" she squeaked, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand nervously.

The last thing that Morzan had expected when he’d gone to tend to a wound that Rosette’d obtained through a squabble with Kialandi’s dragon was to end up shoved against the stable door with someone pressing their lips to his. 

The revelation that shaid person was Elena shocked him and made him blink owlishly. For once he had no smart comeback and instead stood there stuttering like a fool.


Oh gods, she’d turned him into a blithering idiot. Her face flames darker and she tried to side step around him.

"L-lets just pretend…that didn’t happen. Okay? We…we slipped, we fell, that’s all. No…no kiss."

Please let him drop it…Elena thought desperately. She didn’t need him bragging once he came back to his senses.

Morzan scowled slightly when Elena tried to dismiss that anything had happened. He knew full well what’d happened and although it may have been accidental the fact remained that she’d lingered in it. 

"Uh but we did?" 

"We. Did. Not."

Elena winced as soon as she said it, realizing how far in denial she was. It wasn’t a bad kiss…not at all. His lips had been really warm and that had been nice…but the fact still stood that this was MORZAN she was talking about! Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile and she’d just given him a goddamn foot!

Elena quickly ducked under his arm, her cheeks still flaming.

"I’m…I’m going to check on Azra. Nothing happened here. Got it?"

Morzan gave a small smirk hearing clearly that Elena was denying the fact they’d shared a kiss which, in all honesty, hadnt been the worst he’d ever recieved. As she ducked under him he whirled around and grabbed her wrist tugging her back against him and giving a soft grunt and stumbled back slightly. 

"Aw come now El’ theres no harm in sharin’ a lil smooch~" 

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Interrogation AU || Open to anyone



Xavier nodded once and then folded his wings back completely. He held out a hand to Dany, a small warm smile appearing on his features. 

"I know Dany, im here to help you. You have to believe me of that fact.. I can help." 

Truth was he was there to actually get her out of this situation she was trapped in. He’d smite her brother personally if he had to. 

"Help me…" Dany said quietly. "Its to late to help. If I leave my family will pay the price… I can’t do that to them. Not because of me." She shook her head at him. "If you can stop these people from hurting my family… And me being cursed with such a gift then… I’ll let you help me."

Xavier frowned lightly. How could he possibly achieve that without raising suspicions? he thought for a moment and paced the room, wings twitching slightly before he snapped his fingers. He didnt need to go through her brother to protect her family, he just had to cloud the location from his knowledge until he could help Dany. 

"alright. i’ll see what i can do"

I’m still kinda digging the Titus Alliance one.
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The Titus Alliance has a nice ring to it, but what about “Titus and the Wellivers”?

//Awesome suggestion! x3 mismatchedartist, poppedintowatch what do you guys think?