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//That moment where you’re rping on Skype with a friend and a ritual that bonds two characters together soul wise springs up a very amusing thought.

The situation is that Jaz is incredibly weak after an attack that leaves there aura nigh on none-existent so Jimmy (SoA character, played by Titus Welliver) nominates himself to be part of a soul joining ritual. By doing this ritual his and Jaz’s souls become intertwined and each can feel what the other is feeling as can any fragments of themselves (For jimmy pretty much every other character Titus Welliver has played im assuming) and the fragments which Jaz has. 

Now heres what had Jaz and i cackling xD

Since the fragments can feel the emotions that Jaz and Jimmy feel i got the mental image of Savoy in the middle of battle springing a hard-on because Jimmy and Jaz are doing the do and Savoy just sorta looks down at himself and is like ”DICK WTF REALLY?? //NOW// OF ALL TIMES?!?” XDD 

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[dissatisfied foxy grumbling]

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Ella grumbled slightly, her weakness was exposed. She struggled beneath him, and sighed when she knew she wasn’t getting anywhere.

"Seriously, who are you, and what are you doing?" She could sense that he was so much stronger than her. Maybe it was an age thing..

"My name’s none of your concern and neither is what im doing out here" the answer came short and sharp, a near complete 180 degree turn from the charming smiling performance he’d put on before. Morzan pushed himself up off of the younger and brushed himself down before looking her over once more. "however i might be willing to change my mind on that if you tell me who you are and why the hell you’re out here" 

Ella looked at the strange, attractive man carefully. She then said in a cautious voice, “M-my name is Ella-Mae… And I’m defending my patch…” She then eyed him up and down before purring at him, “now… Would the handsome stranger introduce himself?” She then took a step closer, “or do I need to go to… drastic… measures..?” She was in a really flirty mood tonight.

Morzan looked Ella up and down, raising a brow at her clear intentions before he took a step back, raising his hands up. 

"Sorry sweet-cheeks but i dont do the dead…or.. living dead…." He gave a small apologetic grin. "but i will tell you my name, Morzan." 

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Adultery (That’s not really adultery) || Finalforsworn



Morzan looked down at her and he sighed softly feeling a hot wetness drip onto his skin. gently he pulled his hands free of her grasp and placed them on her cheeks before lifting her face to look her in the eye and wipe his thumbs under those beautiful hues he’d come to love oh so much. 

"shhh….. let it out love…"

Dany looked up at him has he cupped her cheek. “I’m sorry….” She said quietly, tears still running down her cheek. She felt like such an idiot, having him back and seeing her in such a state. “And Daario… It didn’t mean anything… At all.” She said quietly, burying her face in his hand.

morzan shook his head and continued to gently wipe away her tears. He listened to her and let her bury her face against his hand before he pulled her into a tight embrace. Seeing her like this made him realise that she did really love him in her own way and he shouldve stayed to listen to her. But that thought reminded him of the exact way he’d ended up back here and it was only then that he noticed the fact that his head felt like it’d been kicked by a stampede of dothraki horses and he growled low.

"Im going to kill the fucker that knocked me out…."

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3. Striped panties (not theirs)

Morzan tried to keep the underwear scrunched up in his hand out of sight but obviously such efforts failed since Elena still saw them. A faint blush coloured his cheeks as he un-scrunched the thin, lacy thong.

"These are not mine…….." He muttered lamely. 

Elena crossed her arms and glared at her boyfriend, a similar blush creeping over her own cheeks.

"I know they’re not yours!" she snapped. "They’re mine…I got them for you for your birthday…they were in a wrapped box! How the hell did you get them?!"

Morzan blinked and looked down sheepishly at the shreds of wrapping paper on the floor and the wagging tail that stuck out from under the bed. “Jenna must’ve gotten hold of it and ripped it open… i just found ‘em on the floor” 

Of course it was the silly dog…never try to keep a present from both a curious boyfriend and an even more curious puppy!

Elena sighed, taking the underwear from Morzan and checking it over for any tears. A little smirk crept onto her features as she examined them, before her mischievous gaze landed on Morzan.

"You know….your birthday is tomorrow. I could give you your present just a little…early."

Morzan raised a brow watching El inspect the underwear critically though he spotted the smirk and tilted his head watching. He gave a grin when her mischievous gaze landed on him and he feigned not understanding her meaning. 

"Why whatever could you mean by that my love?~" 

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Anita wasnt unfamiliar with having to deal with crimes of the preternatural sense; not in the least. Her job as a qualified animator and mostly qualified vampire executioner meant that she often had to deal with sights of intense bloody brutality. The remains she’d had to take a look at that afternoon hadnt thrown up any immediate signs as to exactly what preternatural beastie had done it. it looked far too human but there was a definite aura of in-humanness about it for that to be the case. 

Now she found herself pushing open the door of a bar with only a vague description of a suspect to work off of and she looked around the bar carefully to see if anyone matched. She spotted a guy close to the bar nursing whatever beverage was in his hand at that moment and walked over to the seat beside him. 

"This seat taken?" 

She smiled as she spoke, aiming to come across as a friendly stranger. 

     He can sense the approach of another before a word has even been spoken and once silence breaks in the amiable inquiry of a woman, he turns to shamelessly give her a swift head to toe scan before tending to his drink with another hefty swallow. He’s not bothered by the disturbance. In fact, his gaze has been trained on the woman the entire time. Not by means of intimidation - despite that being usual custom - but more so for study.

     His glass is empty now as remnants of heavy liquor linger on his tongue. He had planned on leaving should boredom ever settle in, but his analysis of the woman left him reconsidering that notion of absence. There’s something in her eyes that he can’t quite identify and it’s only then that he finally speaks; words rooted to a tenor of candor as he smoothly welcomes her to take a seat.


❝ Not anymore. ❞

Anita watched the other motion her to take the seat, listening to his words before she slid smoothly onto the stool and waved over the bar tender to order a plain orange juice. She didnt drink and wasnt going to start now though she noticed the empty glass in the hands of the guy that came pretty damn close to matching the description she’d been given to work off of. 

"thanks, you want another round?" 

She posed the question innocently enough and hoped internally he’d accept the offer. She got the tingling sense that there was something different about this guy, a kind of powerful aura that clung to his being yet she didnt recognize it as either vampire or lycanthrope; two of the more common power bases she came across. He definitely didnt seem to be a necromancer like herself but maybe, just maybe, he was good enough to keep that under wraps?… 

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Anita hadnt noticed the shadowed silhouette of the strange man she hoped not to run into again as she took slow, calculated steps towards the spot where the vampire had fallen. She’d used silver bullets which would stun the vampire for a while but wouldnt kill it; for that she’d have to stake it through the heart and decapitate the head then salt and burn the body and scatter any ashes in a river headed for the ocean.

"Bert better god-damn be thankful for this…shouldve worn the overalls.." Anita muttered sourly to herself coming to a stop just a couple of feet away from the downed, wheezing vampire. She watched it carefully for a moment and reached around her back to draw out a long knife that’d been concealed in a sheath that ran most of the length of her spine. She raised the blade and prepared to strike down through the heart.

   Oh, but he wouldn’t allow her to accomplish her task; not as long as he was breathing within the same room, not as long as he had a similar duty to fulfill. If the odds were different, he would care less about what the other did and didn’t, but since the victim also concerned him, he couldn’t just stand and watch for a secure demise.

   A hand of his was raised while dark chocolate hues saw the blade’s outline between mild darkness; fingers extending as he focused on stopping her from moving the knife an inch further. No matter what she did, the weapon was under Kane’s control as long as his hand grasped a bold dominance inside its gravitational force. 

   ”My…apologies for ruining your moment to be a hero—” His voice lowered; a raspy tune being ensued. “—which no one will care about, I’m sure—” He approached, hand still on the air. “But, I’m afraid I need him alive.”

Dark chocolate hues burned with confusion as the blade in her grasp halted in its downward path to the sure demise of the vamp beneath her. Trying to shove the blade down proved a fruitless endeavor and Anita was pretty sure she could accurately guess who was responsible.

Hearing the other’s claim of needing the vamp alive caused her to raise her gaze up to meet his, a cold, mistrustfulness shining in them. Her grip automatically tightened on the blade though she was fairly certain that if she let it go it’d still be hanging suspended in the air. 

"You’ve gotta be kidding…." just by looking at his expression though she guessed he wasnt and she huffed letting the blade go to search her pocket for a sheet of paper which she practically shoved into the guys hand "thats my court order stating i’ve got the legal right to carve this fuckers heart out here and now, dont like it then go bitch to the courts but let me do my fucking job" 

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Send in “Cheater” for my muse’s reaction catching yours cheating on them with someone else.

"I can’t believe this…" Dany looked at him. "You are absolutely fucking ridiculous. I knew something like this would happen… Just get out. Don’t even speak to me." She picked up his jacket, throwing it at him. "You’re fucking disgusting. I can’t even look at you." Dany left the room. "Don’t bother trying to come and see the kids either. We. Are. Done.

Seth’s expression of amusement dropped when he got snapped at twice and he stepped out into the hallway, completely nude save for a skin-coloured g-string. 

"Ey now hold the fuck up bitch, s’not my fault you aint good enough to satisfy this handsome fucker!" 

Seth." Morzan growled low, tone turning mildly threatening; if the other male didnt shut his mouth there’d be hell to pay. Morzan turned his attention back to Dany in time to watch her pull off her wedding band and let it drop to the floor. Her next words cut deep and caused Morzan to flinch and take a step back. 

"You’re serious…." He murmured, tone tainted with shock as though he hadnt expected her to be serious about him leaving. 

Dany clenched her hand, harder than she should have, wanting to push him out the way and tear this Seth apart. She could not cry in front of them. Dany watched him flinch and step back a moment. Probably surprised by her actions completely. “You know damn well I am. This marriage meant everything to me.” She shook her head, biting her lip for a moment. “I want you out. What are you not understanding? Need me to speak another language for you? My mother’s tongue perhaps?” She cocked her head at him. “Well? Pack your fucking shit and get out.”

Mismatched hues clouded with pain as the realisation of what he was loosing began to set in. He’d fucked up and this time there was no apology sincere enough that could repair the void that’d broken between them. He lowered his head and nodded, resigned to admit defeat. 

"I’ll be out before noon…. " 

He turned and walked back to the bedroom, sullen and hating himself for the mistake he’d made in bedding Seth. 

finalforsworn asked: One thing Kat'd come to appreciate most since her change into a werewolf was the fact her senses had been heightened as a result; thus making it easy for her keen ears to pick up the sounds of something solid connecting with bone and muffled a yelp. She scrambled up and yanked the front door of the apartment she shared with her brother open in time to see him shoved into a van and for it to speed off. She stood frozen for a moment then snarled and raced after it, shifting as she ran. "Lycan!!!"


Lycan rummaged through his bag for his keys as he trudged home, algebra equations still running through his tired mind. Usually he would have been home sooner, but this cute girl in his math class had needed some extra tutoring, and who was he to say no to a lady in distress?

Honestly though, he couldn’t wait to be on the couch with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s and a movie marathon blasting, the thought of algebra far far away.

He finally found the tiny key ring buried at the bottom of his bag, almost reaching his front stoop when a guy leaning against an empty van caught his eye. The man definitely looked like a tourist, big map spread out wide on the black paneling as he scoured it, apparently looking for something.

Poor shmuck. Might as well help the guy out.

Lycan stepped off the curb and closer to the van, and almost immediately, the smell of stale urine hit his senses. One of the neighbors dogs must have marked nearby. Well, he’d fix that when he shifted next. Gently pushing his wolf side back down, the teen tapped the man on the shoulder, giving him a careful smile.

"Hey, you look a little lost…need any help?"

It was like he’d just given the man a million dollars.

"Would you? I’m just trying to find my sister’s place…but I can’t read this map for the life of me!"

"Sure, man. What street is she on?"

The man rattled off an address as he moved over, given Lycan room to pore over the document. Funny…he’d lived in the city for a few years now, and had never heard of that street…and…was that supposed to be his house, marked with a red x? Distracted and uneasy, Lycan missed the man behind him starting to talk.

"Wait…didn’t catch that. Repeat?"

"I said, thank you. You’ve made my job a whole lot easier."

His inner wolf started going crazy and he had to fight to keep it down, though his entire body tensed as he continued pretending that nothing was wrong.

"Job? I thought you said you were looking for your sister’s…"

"Oh, that. Right. I lied. My real job is the grab you."

Lycan’s eyes widened as he heard the sharp hum of a taser flick into activation, moving within a split second until the device just missed him.

"Wh…what the fuck, man?!"

"Damn…I missed. Woulda been easier if you were unconscious. Ah well. Plan B."

The door Lycan had pressed himself against to avoid being hit suddenly slid open, the urea smell suddenly ten times stronger as a dozen hands reached out and snatched him, muffling his yelp of surprise with one of them. The boy struggled and snarled in his captor’s grip, eyes flashing as he tried to shift, anything to help him get away. But the door slid shut; the last sight he had was Kat’s worried face as she came out to check the noise.

Even above the sounds of screeching tires, he heard her shout his name, his squirming only doubling as he started his shift.

"Damn it! The bitch saw us! Get it contained back there, then open the doors and shoot the other one."

No! Like hell he’d let them kill his sister!

With a sudden burst, Lycan was fully wolf, and that was just what his captors had been waiting for. One picked him up while another opened up a tiny crate and forced him inside, despite his flailing claws and gnashing teeth.

As the back doors to the van swung open, Lycan barked out a warning, trying to nudge open the simple latch with his nose.


Kat ignored her instincts to stop chasing. She had to get Lycan back; he was her only remaining family, she wasnt about to let some jackass kidnap him. 

she heard Lycan bark and saw the doors of the van swing open, eyes widening when she spotted several other men inside the van aiming guns at her. She gave a whine and turned tail, fleeing in a zig zagged pattern to reduce her chances of actually being hit. She scrambled into a front yard that had the gate open and took shelter behind a thick bush. 

Kat lay still for a while, panting hard and eyes brimming with tears. She’d failed to protect her baby brother… 

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