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"You look like you're in pain." Xavier stated, grey gaze fixated on Lark.




Varicolored eyes turned to see the other, lips emitting a slight hiss which suddenly turned into muteness once he was capable to hear foreign words being directed to him. “It…seems so…perhaps I am solely tired.” He mumbled, stretching his arms and bringing his hands behind his back. “It is because of the occasional weight I tend to sense upon my shoulders; however, it shall pass.”

Xavier raised his gaze to meet Lark’s, his suspicions on the others identity growing. Looking at Lark head-on he narrowed his eyes slightly and tried to piece together at least a guess at who the other was. One name alone came to him and he frowned slightly.




"My—" He said, a smile following afterwards; varicolored eyes sharing a sparkle of light. "—it is pleasant to know someone who once resided through clouds remembers me." A chuckle escaped his lips, his head submitting a nod. "Yes, my friend. So we have met each other before…” The fallen angel examined the other languidly, one of his hands falling under his chin. “Are you not…Xavier?”

Xavier grinned at Lark, happy to finally remember the other angel and nodding in answer to the other’s question regarding his own identity. He was happy to have found a fellow angel to talk with and reminisce on the past. 

"Aye, i am." 

Bodyguard AU || Danzan




Viserys looked at him, squinting his eyes slightly. “Daenerys when you’re done dishing up, be a darling and run me a bath.” He opened the fridge, taking out a beer before leaving the room.

Morzan frowned a little bit and watched Viserys leave. After he was sure the other male was out of hearing range Morzan relaxed and sighed softly. 

Dany wasn’t far from cooking, listening to what when on between the two. “You should have left like he said…” She said quietly, pulling the cupboards open and getting their plates out.

morzan raised a brow at Dany when she spoke, folding his arms across his chest and shrugging. 

"Why? Im perfectly happy here." 



Faith nodded in response to the assassins request for all information she’d got so far. It might take her a night to compile it all but she could definitely get it to him within the next 48 hours and she told him as much. 

In regards to his question about the location of her sister that night Faith sighed softly and shook her head “All i know is that she went out to some clubs and didnt come home and the next day our father went to identify her corpse. Im sorry i cant give you more detail than that…”  

Kane knew that this was a delicate subject, though externally he acted with coldness and concrete calculations. That was the way he had to be, after all—a man with no emotions, no attachments, just a good plan. “Right.” He muttered, taking Faith’s words into account while nodding in understanding. “I take it you already know this won’t be done for free.” The assassin didn’t like his job—he just performed it in order to survive. It wasn’t a hobby, it wasn’t a method of entertainment; it was a maneuver to stay alive. “You have to give me half the money when things get on course—” When having the necessary evidence and an elaborated plan, “—and the other half when I finish the job.” The man saved the photograph in his pocket, lifting one of his eyebrows as he looked around. “When you have what I need, meet me here. Same hour. No phone calls, I’ll know when you’re here.” 

Faith nodded and, while she thought the terms of tomorrows meeting to be more than a tad peculiar she trusted the assassin knew what he was doing; her own father had recommended his services to her afterall. 

   The next few days were spent gathering up all the information that she could get her claws on without making too much of a mess. Once she had everything she personally could dig up she set off for the spot she’d met the assassin, arriving within an hour and just on time for when she’d first met him. She’d brought her mobile along with her simply for something to play with if she was early or if he was late and as it turned out it appeared he was going to be late so she set the backpack containing the papers she’d gathered down and set her mobile to play some music which she began to dance to. 


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Xavier offered a smile as he poured in the amount of cream he wanted, setting the container back on the counter and gave it a stir before he took a sip. Then the angel grinned at the other. “Lovely, thank you”

In response to the question of how he was Xavier shrugged one shoulder.

"Im okay i guess"


Riley tilted their head, brows knitting together slightly. “You guess? That is not a very sure answer there, friend. Something up?”
"You can talk to me about it if there is something wrong."

Xavier gave a little smile and nodded slightly. He knew he could trust them since they were a friend of Laura’s.

"I’m fine honestly, thank you though"